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                                                                                                               Dr. Tony Sperling
                                                                                                               Sperling Hansen

                                                                                                               Randall Wolsey
                                                                                                               Fire Chief - Edmonton
                                                                                                               Jarvis Jackson
                                                                                                               Industrial Fire Fighter

                                                                                                               Sharon Tenenbaum
                                                                                                               Sperling Hansen 

                                                                                                               Jerome O'Sullivan
                                                                                                               Sperling Hansen 









Dr. Tony Sperling contributes over 15 years of landfill engineering and fire control experience to the LandfillFire Control Inc. team. His primary responsibilities on projects entail fire characterization, environmental protection and site reclamation. As well, Dr. Sperling leads LandfillFire Control Inc. fire prevention group, providing fire safety audit and emergency planning services.

He is  the  president of  Sperling Hansen Associates, a full service landfill engineering company that has  prepared landfill/operations and closure plans for more than 250 municipal and  commercial landfills. Dr. Sperling has been responsible for fire extinguishments and  reclamation at the Delta Shake and Shingle Landfill in Vancouver, the Campbell Mountain Landfill in Penticton and the  Hesperia  Landfill in Vernon. He  has prepared fire  response plans for Weyerhaeuser's China Creek Landfill in Port Alberni, Tolko Forest Products Louis Landfill in Barriere and the city of Vancouver Landfill in Delta.

Randall Wolsey, has over 28 years of experience in the field of firefighting and emergency response plan development. He is presently the Director of Fire and Emergency Services for the City of Edmonton. Major achievements in his career have included new and innovative, yet simple and functional emergency response plans, streamlined administration of 145 fire fighters and a $13 million annual budget. A master organizer, Mr. Wolsey's responsibilities in LandfillFire Control Inc. are to quickly implement emergency responses using the proven Incident Command System. As well, Mr. Wolsey is uniquely qualified to assist landfill owners in dealing with public relations and political issues.


Mr. Jarvis Jackson, past president of Key Safety Services Inc. provides LandfillFire Control Inc. team with twenty  five years of industrial  fire fighting experience. In 1991, he directed a team of fire fighting professionals in the "Fires of Kuwait" project which, in part, gave Canada the record for extinguishing the most wells....180 out of the 732 wells in 200 days.

Key Safety Services is a full-safety service company with the head office in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. With an overall staff in excess of 60 employees Key Safety continues to  provide  the Canadian  and International  oil & gas industry  with  all aspects  of safety  ranging  from the preventative (safety training) through to  emergency  response  for fires  and well  blowouts. Mr. Jackson's  fire  fighting  experience is  varied  and diverse;  in  addition to production tank fires, out of control oil well fires and pipeline breaks, he has supervised landfill fire projects at the Skidgate wood waste site, Delta Shake and Shingle and Weyerhaeuser's China Creek Landfill. Fire control strategies and the direction of fire fighting operations are formulated by Mr. Jackson, for LandfillFire Control Inc.


Sharon Tenenbaum was trained and worked as a Civil Engineer in Israel.  Ms. Tenenbaum worked as a geometric road designer, planning and designing national highway infrastructure, gas stations and parking facilities.  She is experienced with soil testing and analysis, highly proficient with AutoCAD, and an expert computer programmer.  

 With SHA, Sharon was involved with more than 60 projects that include geometric design, volumetric analysis, environmental assessment, design and operation planning, closure and post-closure planning as well as economic analysis.  Sharon has also worked closely with Tony in preparing landfill fire risk reduction plans. 

Jerome O’Sullivan Before relocating to Canada in January 2007, Jerome worked in Ireland as an environmental consultant for three years.  During this time, he was involved in a wide range of solid waste management, environmental monitoring and auditing projects.  He project managed the redevelopment of a disused quarry into a public park amenity area, supervised site operations involved in the clean up of illegal dumping sites, prepared environmental impact statements for windfarm, quarry and landfill extension developments, prepared waste licence/permits and planning applications for several hazardous waste transfer facilities and conducted several ISO14001 Environmental Management System audits. 

Jerome holds a Masters Degree in Analytical Chemistry and prior to working as an environmental consultant he worked for over four years as a quality control/assurance chemist in pharmaceutical and Irish government laboratories. 

Since joining SHA in June, 2007 Jerome has worked as an Environmental Scientist.  Mr. O’Sullivan has been involved in a wide variety of waste management projects, with his duties ranging from water quality monitoring and data interpretation, groundwater well installation, QA/QC site supervision, hydrogeological investigations and participating in landfill fire control site audits.  Jerome has also worked closely with Dr. Tony Sperling in preparing landfill fire risk reduction plans.

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