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 Fire Safety Training

Landfill Fire Control Inc. provides on site training for landfill and firefighting personnel, complete with manuals and handouts.  Training is divided between classroom instruction and practical field exercises.  All technical instruction is presented by senior Landfill Fire Control Inc. staff who have the knowledge and case history background to make the training beneficial for all levels of solid waste professionals.



                                                                                  - basic landfill operations
                                                                                 -  construction methods
                                                                                 -  common causes of landfill fires
                                                                                 -  fire assessment methods
                                                                                 -  health and safety issues
                                                                                 -  environmental issues
                                                                                 -  risk reduction methods

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     Fire Safety Training

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Fire Prevention and Response Plans

Fire Extinguishment Strategies

Fire Monitoring

Environmental and Air Quality Monitoring

Forensic Investigations
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